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The online gaming industry in Ireland is experiencing a meteoric rise in terms of popularity, revenue and job creation. Like many other industries, it had to make some necessary adjustments due to the effect of the pandemic. However, the Irish online casino industry might have figured a way out. This industry seems to be one of the major benefactors of the pandemic.

Shane Hennessey’s Contribution

At the 58th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute in 2011, Shane Hennessey discussed the potentials about the then budding Irish online casino industry. His contribution at that conference sparked an interest in the online casino industry among the Irish youths.

Hennessey was truly a visionary who was able to see the potentials of the online casino industry in Ireland. At that time, the online casino industry in Ireland was barely budding. It was nowhere near as big as it is currently. Many people were not totally comfortable with online gambling, so the demand for online gambling services were very low.

At that point in time, gambling legislation only regulated offline gambling methods. Most of the gambling laws regulating online casinos were very crude. These laws include the Finance Act of 1975 and 1992, Gaming and Lotteries Acts of 1956, Betting Act of 1931 and theTotalisator Act of 1929.

It is rather obvious that these laws were not made with online gambling and online casinos in consideration. It was not until 2013–2015 that the above-mentioned laws were further amended to regulate online gambling in Ireland. This was two to four years after Shane Hennessey’s contribution at the 58th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute.

Online Casino Jobs in Ireland

Thanks to the efforts of Shane Hennessey, a number of Irish youths at that time took interest in online casinos. Those who took careers in online casinos are already reaping the benefits of that decision. They have risen through the ranks and now occupy top-level positions at the various online casinos where they currently work.

There are still lots of online casino job openings available for interest and/or qualified individuals. These job openings include but are not limited to the ones states below:

Engineering Manager—Products Activision

demonware reception

Demonware is an independently run part of Activision. They run every part of the players’ online experience from logging in to matchmaking and climbing the leader boards, for the popular video game. These include video game franchises from Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot to Skylanders.

This position requires an engineering manager with 2+ years of technical experience. The engineering manager will provide direction and strategy for the various products. The engineering manager will map out strategies for meeting these objectives.

The company offers standard industry payments for this role. You can apply this role if you meet the requirements. The role also offers relocation support, paid vacation, pension, medical, dental and life insurance coverage for you and a number of other individuals you select.

Front-end Developer — 888spectate

888 logo

888spectate is a top online gaming company with over 20 years of existence. It is part of the 888 group. 888spectate offers world-class experience in online casino games like poker and bingo. They also offer sports betting services.

The company seeks a front-end developer who will take charge of the role. He or she will design codes that can work extensively. Support the development SCRUM team and actively participate in tasks that involves web development.

The developer would have 3+ work experience in web development. He or she must also demonstrate efficiency with ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. The developer must stay up to date with the latest and new technologies and how we can use these to best effect. Salary range is from €40,000 - 50,000 per year, depending on the experience of the developer.

Casino Content Specialist (Dutch)—The Stars Group

stars group logo

The Stars Group is arguably the biggest online casino in the Irish online casino industry. Stars Group in its quest to also become the best online casino is in search for a Dutch casino content specialist. The content will play an integral role ensuring that Stars Group delivers its products to the Irish Market.

As a casino content specialist, he or she will report to the Casino Content Manager. It is the duty of the casino content specialist to deliver outstanding Product and Player Experience. The content specialist will manage the positioning of contents and release.

This role requires a self-starter who is passionate about online casinos and gambling in general. Applicants should be native Dutch speakers who have adequate experience working as content specialists. The content specialist should be able to identify and exploit growth opportunities.

The content specialist gets an experience based industry salary. There’s also a performance bonus as well as health insurance. The health insurance covers yourself, your spouse and your kids (provided you live in the same address). There is also an option to join the company’s pension. There are many other perks and benefits.

The roles stated above are the most recent openings of online casinos in Ireland. These roles are onsite roles and the location for all three of them is in Dublin. Due to the current restrictions, these roles are only open to applicants living in Dublin or willing to move to Dublin. However, the firms above are willing to assist qualified candidates to move to Dublin.