An overview of what vehicles and machinery are sold at plant dealerships in Northern Ireland.

Many factory vehicles and machinery are often specially designed to do a certain job meaning they can’t be found at any regular car or machinery dealership. It means that you might have to go that bit further to find a specialised plant dealer who sells all the products needed for a certain industry or site.

More often than not, plant dealers will focus on selling heavy machinery that will be used in difficult work environments such as construction sites, quarries or farms. Straight away, this will help make finding the right vehicle for your needs as it narrow sit down to just a handful of different vehicle types like excavator. More often than not, these dealers will have both used and new machinery from many leadings brands from both the UK and the world whether it’s JCB, Hitachi or Caterpillar. Sometimes, a dealership will specialise directly in just one manufacturer which can make life easier for someone who knows what they are looking for.

To help highlight just which farm and plant dealerships are best to visit, it is worth knowing the most common vehicles available to buy. They can often include:


As forklifts can be used in almost any industrial setting, it isn’t that much of a surprise to find these scattered throughout many dealerships. There are usually several different types of forklifts available to buy depending on your need. This can include the traditional two-pronged forklifts that are used to lift bulky items into awkward places and transports goods across rough terrain. However, it can also cover specialist models which might have longer prongs to lift larger objects or vehicles with treads to allow them to move over rough or unstable ground.


Normally used to dig out holes or spaces in the grounds, excavators are one of the more popular vehicles stocked in a plant dealership. Many of these are designed to be used by tradesman carrying out earthworks on roads or construction sites and are generally suitable for use in most environments. Most of the excavators will have a specialist metal arm attached to help them dig in more than just one area whilst the metal buckets attached will vary in size depending on where it is being used.


Rather than breaking through ground, rock or other hard materials, loaders are designed primarily to move rubble or debris out of the wave and lift any contents into transporter trucks. Like many site machinery, loaders can come with both wheels and treads to allow them to move seamlessly between different areas of the site. Some loaders may have a metal arm or a scoop to lift or move dirt meaning that you might need to check which type you need before going ahead with any purchase.

In the end, plant machinery dealerships sell a host of different heavy vehicles that are essential for any heavy duty job and you will normally find a suitable vehicle at any place that sells these specialist vehicles.