International Statistical Institute

​There have been various congress and meetings where all statistics experts, mathematicians, and computer analyst coverage to share ideas and research. The 58th edition World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute was hosted in Dublin, Ireland in what will be an elaborate event. The latter promises to showcase quality studies and research from global experts.

There are several aims and objectives which the organizers and sponsors hope to achieve, and this is shortly followed by a few rules which must be adhered, to prevent problems. Top contributors have numerous publications and papers, and we will do a review of a few. This event promises to be educative and fun-filled, don’t miss it.

About the congress

ISI Congress

Welcome to the 58th world statistics congress which will be held at the Dublin Convention Center between 21st to 26 August 2011. This program will be led by the distinguished Murray Cameron. There are many programs on the list and various speakers and presentations. We are pleased to have David Spiegelhalter from the Cambridge University and Ambassador Dimitri Sanga of the UN Economic Commission for Africa.

This conference will include over the years 118 paper sessions, 71 additional papers, and 7 sessions. This ISI meeting promises to have great statisticians from various disciples which includes, official statistics, financial business, environmental statistics, and other categories of mathematics and computing.

Furthermore, the 58th edition of this congress will see a plethora of western countries and developing countries exchange research and crucial statistic information. This program provides delegates with many educative and quality topics. The major paper of this meeting relates to different topics on water and its quality. The registration is done on the 21st of August.

Aims and objectives of the congress

This year World Statistics Congress has very interesting aims and objectives. They include:

To promote international statistics among intellectuals

This congress hopes to bring together all experts and analysts with informed knowledge about statistics and computing. To defend the profession on various topics and disciplines. There have been many thorny issues regarding statistics over the years, this congress hopes to speak up for professionals in the discipline.

To preach and encourage statistics education, and utilizing Data for making crucial decisions

This congress hopes that by bringing many learned people, the public and government will learn more about using statistics to make impressive decisions.

To expand the community of statisticians and mathematical experts

The community of statistics has been shrinking over the years, the meeting hopes to bring more people into the field of math and computing. By doing this, more people will be interested in delving into research that pertains to calculations.

To encourage young mathematicians and make older statisticians continue participating

The World Statistics Congress in Ireland hopes to help new and upcoming statisticians to become better and make them as good as the experts in the field. To enhance interaction between all members. This ISI program aims to bring all members under one umbrella and encourages networking among all statistics members.

To work well within its budget

The congress aims to have a safe congress within its financial limitations. However, this won’t deter it from having a successful meeting that will be the envy of others. Showcase Ireland’s unique features. This event aims to reveal Ireland’s beautiful cultures, and also its capacity to host major events around the world.

Rules for session organizers, presenters, and discussants

The below rules apply to all presenters, discussants, and those who contributed to papers.

Paper presentations

All individuals can only present a paper orally. Exceptions can only be granted in special circumstances and will have to be approved by the committee in charge of the program.


It is possible for someone to co-author several papers presented at the 58th world statistics congress. A participant can serve as chairman or discussant in several sessions only if there is no conflict in the program.


Every member of the organizing committee, presenter, or chairperson must sign up before the event proper. There is room for exceptions for those who can’t attend for personal problems.

Values represented at the Event

There are many values ​​represented at this event, they include:

  • Respect

It is expected that all presenters and chairs, respect one another and not downplay any research done by other members. Even if the presenter is a new member, appreciation is important, and they shouldn’t be maligned.

  • Creativity

The congress values ​​quality information and research. It encourages creativity Andy detailed study which will benefit everyone present.

  • Cooperation and Collaboration

We expect all members to work well with one another and support each other research and study. We also value various collaborations which will make work better. Collaborations in computing and statistics will offer good information in data and IT-related fields.

  • Integrity

While everyone is encouraged to research to make major findings, no one is forced to produce a paper. In light of this, there shouldn’t be any research theft or plagiarism of other people’s patent works. There are many agencies we work on, that will identify those whose work is intellectual theft.

  • Responsibility

This value is very crucial to this congress as we encouraged all participants to flee from any illegal endeavors which may tarnish the image of the congress and its members. Everyone should be responsible for their actions.

Contributors at the 58th ISI event in Ireland

There are many contributors at these events, and we will highlight some of their works below.

Mr. Shane Hennessey: The Future of Online casinos in Ireland

Mr.Green Ireland

This paper was delivered by Mr. Shane Hennessy, and he discussed extensively online casinos and how he saw the industry in Ireland in the future. His contribution was that Ireland will have to embrace IT to make huge revenues like other countries. He talked about how online casinos in Ireland will have to start using bitcoin for payments for quick payments.

Also includes in his paper is the creation of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (visual reality) casino games which will dominate Irish casinos in the next decade.

Tasos C. Christofides: Protection of Privacy in Randomized Response Techniques from the Participants’ point of view

The paper was delivered at the event, and it discussed close similarity in common probabilities samples without substitutions. It talked about big surveys and reviews which use difficult creations that are different from SRSWR. It opines that using RR strategies for complicated designs is important and the paper will try to address solutions.

The paper introduces different measures to guide against revealing secrets in modifications as regarding SRSWR. A measure it introduces has a technical feature and will be shown to participants before use.

Andreas Quatember: A Family of Randomized Response Designs—Efficiency and Privacy Protection

This paper by Andreas Quatember talked about utilizing unique designs in research and how it could help in random designs. He discussed the impact of volunteers’ response and their ability to cooperate willingly. Moreover, looking at privacy protection keenly as offered by research methodologies can have a tremendous effort on the result of the research.

He proposed a family of randomly picked research strategies that will enable smooth transition when presented for reviews. Also suggested are reviews that formalize the aims provided and how they may differ in the final results. Quatember gave a ’crosswise model which will allow us to be careful of original privacy designs that will stop counter-productivity.

Karin H. Duer: EIncome Register in Denmark—Advantages and Constraints of Using a Unique New Tax Data Source in Official Statistics

This paper was delivered to suggest new avenues of tax payments in Denmark. The report in her presentation talked about concrete data about the size of cash, kinds of payment, location of the employee, and how many hours they are working. She suggested collecting and storing these days in one place for computation purposes and security. Also, she believes that these avenues provide many possibilities.

She said there are concerns about legal processes for it to work, but special legal requirements might be asked for. She claims that getting entry to many income information in one location gives good financial benefits when compared to other alternatives. Their eIncome, she suggested, will become the main source where people can refer for short and long-term statistics. Her work aims to redefine how information can be accessed using the eIncome.

The congress promises to be one of the best events held in recent times, we look forward to seeing everyone.